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How It Works

The process of helping you with payday lenders is simply the merging of multiple payday loan debts into a single amount in order to have a more organized and affordable way of meeting the monthly payday loans as they become due.

The main advantage of grouping your loans is that the payday consolidator has the ability to negotiate with creditors to lower monthly balance and interest rates. It can also negotiate with these creditors to waive penalties and late fees.

Once a client had registered into a our debt-help program, a consultant will assume the role of the mediator. The consultant will be the one to deal with the creditor. He will answer all calls and negotiate for a more favorable credit status for the client.


The following are actions to avoid when you are enrolled in a payday consolidation program:

  1. Do not miss a payment or make a late payment. It is always good practice to pay on time while in the program. It is a way of re-establishing your credit standing. That is why it is important that you show your commitment and dedication to remain true to the terms of the program.
  2. Avoid making big purchases. Since you are in the process of eliminating your existing payday loan debt, it is not advisable to create new debt. Although you can afford to pay these new purchases with cash, it is still a prudent to have cash on hand and remain liquid.
  3. Do not take out new loan. The main objective of enlisting into the program is to have one single loan and pay one company. This purpose is defeated if you take on another loan. Should your circumstances change, it is better to talk to your payday loan consultant to explore if changes should be made in your program.
  4. Avoid maxing out a credit card. Although it is sensible to avoid credit card use at this point, you will put yourself in double jeopardy if you charge up your credit card close to or above your credit limit.

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