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It is easier to pay a single debt than multiple debts. This is the main feature of a pay –off-payday-debts program. Each of these programs is different. Our program however has withstood the test of time. We are very confident that our formula will work for you.

One of the reasons why our program works is that we closely work with the client to find out the best terms given the income, spending habits and existing debts to lenders. We will provide a personalized program so that we will be assured that the terms are affordable, predictable and flexible according to the needs of the client.

Our scope is nationwide. Our team is familiar with all the laws of every State pertaining to loans and settlements. We have wide experience that enables us to negotiate the best terms from your creditors. And lastly, we do not make promises we cannot keep. We do not promise, we do it.

We understand how cash advance lender debt is a huge burden on you and how it impacts almost all aspects of your life. It’s a burden from the past that is affecting your present and your future. Unfortunately these companies who contract such loans with you are predatory in the pay back terms. You need the most capable helper for your payday loan debt whether it be a single loan or multiple ones. At PLCC we have over 10 years of professional experience in working with consumers to pay down their loan debts over a specified period of time. We’ve successfully worked with thousands of people in cases like yours. We often hear we’re the best team they’ve worked with. At PLCC we work with both you and your creditors toward a resolution that is a win/win for each participant. Speak to one of our knowledgeable team today, and you’ll learn how we group your pay day loans into a single amount through negotiating with the creditors you’re in contract with. In our work-outs (representing you) we lower the loan amounts, then work to halt interest payments. We then establish an affordable program with you in which you make a single small monthly payment to us—not your lenders. This is then used by us to pay down to zero, over time, each of the loans. Very important to realize: there are no more loans from us required for this program. Serving nationally in all states where permitted. In and for Los Angeles. LA. Pasadena. Burbank. Riverside. Glendale. Southern California. California. CA. Orange county. Ventura county. San Jose. Sacramento. San Francisco. Oakland. SF Bay Area. Florida. Miami. Ohio. Cleveland. Columbus. Cincinnati. Texas. Houston. Dallas. San Antonio. Pennsylvania. Philadelphia. PA. TX. OH. FL.